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A sojourn in Paris, a safari in South Africa—wherever the world beckons you, we all know planning a trip takes time and saintly patience. It takes research. Scrolling websites and scouring endless options to find the option that fits your travel preferences like an Italian leather glove—perfectly. But we don’t all have the time or expertise to research and plan a trip. The good news is I do, and I’ll weave your creature comforts into authentic cultural experiences to curate the perfect trip for you.

You want to see the world with your kids, but you don’t know how to plan an authentic experience the whole family will enjoy.

You’re not a budget traveller who stays in hostels—you’d rather invest a little more money to travel in comfort and style.

You want control of your bookings, whether it’s cashing in on a sale or changing your booking without going through a travel agent.

You’d rather get to know a place like a local than jet from city to city, necessitating a vacation from your vacation.

You don’t want to book an all-inclusive—you want an authentic cultural experience that connects you with a place and its people.

You may like planning trips, but you don’t have the time to invest in researching all the options to find the perfect one for you.


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Say sayonara, au revoir, auf wiedersehen to hours researching flights, accommodations and excursions. Simply share your travel preferences with me, and I’ll do the research for you, weaving your must-haves into personalized options for the perfect trip. The best part? Book only what you want—I’m not a travel agent, so I’ll never pressure you to book anything.

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Why Woven Travel?

45-minute follow-up call

Personalized PDF of recommendations

6+ hours of research

Intake questionnaire

30-minute consultation

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Forget doing your own research or planning: Hand the generics off to me, and I’ll hand specifics back to you, researching everything from international flights and itineraries to local accommodations and excursions. The First-Class Package is for travellers who have discerning tastes and no time to plan.

The First Class Package

All-Inclusive Research

Personalized PDF of recommendations

2 to 3 hours of research

Intake questionnaire

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So, you’ve researched and planned your trip, but you can’t figure out that one thing—maybe it’s swoon-worthy accommodations, or drool-worthy local restaurants, or kid-friendly excursions. The Business Class Package is for travellers who need an expert to figure out that one thing for them.

The Business Class Package

À La Carte Research • $175

Personalized PDF of recommendations

60-minute zoom call

1 to 2 hours of research

Intake questionnaire

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Questions before you jet off (or even before you start planning), like whether to lug car seats on the trip with you for your kiddos? The Economy Class Package is for travellers who are doing their own trip research and planning, but don’t have time to find the answers to specific questions.

The Economy Class Package

Trip Q&A • $160


"I hired Jay to research things to do in Tulum and was beyond impressed by the options she shared. She totally got us and how we like to travel. And there was so much value included in the modest price tag. I’d 10/10 recommend Jay to seek out experiences that are authentic to the local culture and to you."

Hello, jetsetter. I’m Jay—a Canadian who’s been living abroad for 12 years and counting. I’ve travelled 35 countries (18 with kids!) and called four continents home. After researching and planning over 100 trips, I know what it takes to plan the perfect trip, and I’m here to save you the time and headache of doing it yourself. The best part? I’m not a travel agent, so I’ll never pressure you to book anything you don’t want to because I don’t make commission. I plan trips simply because I love travel, like the best of us.

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